Thursday, 18 August 2016

Super Mario Bros Original Free Download For Windows

Super mario bros original

This is an interesting game .Everybody wants to play this game.There are some  different character such as Mario,Luingi,koopa Gumba etc.The main heroes of the game are a plumber Mario and his brother Luigi . The goal - to get through the Mushroom Kingdom, eluding or destroying soldiers Turtle King Koopa  to rescue the captured Princess them captive. Mario  attacks enemies by jumping on top of them  or by hitting the platform on which the enemy below. "Frightened" of turtles can be used as a weapon against other enemies, pushing the shell in front of him: speeding, he sweeps away all in its path, but when it encounters an obstacle, reverses direction, and can hit most of Mario. Some enemies, like porcupines back, you can not jump, as this hurts Mario. They can be killed by shooting fireballs at them, kicking turtle or a blow to the platform below.

Best feature

  • Freeware game
  • Easy to download as well as play
  • interesting game
  • Full of amusement

Super Mario Bros Original Free Download For Windows Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: didar nabi


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